Quiz 1: English and Pedagogy MCQ Question for CTET and TET

English Language MCQ Question for CTET and Others

English and Pedagogy MCQ Question:

DIRECTIONS (1-3): Read the given passage, and then answer the questions based on it. You are required to select your answers based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only.


We should preserve Nature to preserve life and beauty. A beautiful landscape, full of green vegetation, will not just attract our attention but will fill us with infinite satisfaction. Unfortunately, because of modernization, much of nature is now yielding to towns, roads, and industrial areas. In a few places, some natural reserves are now being carved out to avert the danger of destroying nature completely. Man will perish without nature, so modern man should continue this struggle to save plants, which give us oxygen. Moreover, Nature is essential to man’s health.

1. What does ‘Nature’ in the passage mean?

(a) Countryside covered with plants and trees

(b) Physical power that created the world

(c) Inherent things that determine character

(d) Practical study of plants and animals

Answer: (a) Nature here denotes a beautiful landscape, full of green vegetation.

2. Which one of the following is the correct statement?

According to the passage

(a) beauty is only skin-deep

(b) everything is beautiful in its natural state

(c) there is beauty in Nature

(d) Nature is a moray teacher

Answer: (c) The author is highlighting the nature’s beauty.

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3. What does the writer suggest?

(a) We should not modernize, so that Nature can be preserved

(b) While modernizing we should be careful not to destroy Nature completely

(c) All Nature has been destroyed by modern living

(d) Carving out Natural reserves will hamper the growth of industries

Answer: (b) The author mentions the impact of modernization and that we should be more careful not to destroy Nature while modernizing.

4. Direction: Select the most appropriate Preposition.

Work  ­­_______all the sums in the exercise.

(a) down

(b) out

(c) for

(d) at

Answer: (b) out

5. Direction: Select the most appropriate article to fill in the blank of the following sentence.

During the course of the investigation, _______ accused led the police to the scene of crime.

(a) a

(b) an

(c) the

(d) None of these

Answer : (c) the

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6. Direction: Choose the most appropriate Group Verb.

His original plan has ______ and so he is working on new one.

(a) fallen in

(b) fallen out

(c) fallen off

(d) fallen through

Answer: (d) fallen through

7. Direction: Select the most appropriate synonym..


(a) Regnant

(b) Regicide

(c) Repugnant

(d) Tyrant

Answer: (a) Regnant (of an official or regime) currently holding office

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8. Direction: Select the word opposite in meaning to the given word.


(a) Titanic

(b) Gargantuan

(c) Infinitesimal

(d) Reticent

Answer: (c) Mammoth meaning huge, Infinitesimal meaning extremely small

9. For teaching grammar, the best grammar that a teacher can teach us is –––

(a) Traditional grammar

(b) Modern Grammar

(c) Pedagogic Grammar

(d) No grammar is needed

Answer: (c) Pedagogic Grammar

10. The method of teaching English adopted at present in school curriculum is ––

(a) Formative Co-relational Approach

(b) Functional Communicative Approach

(c) Function Corrective Approach

(d) Figurative Comprehensive Approach

Answer: (b) Functional Communicative Approach

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