Quiz 3: Environment Studies and Pedagogy MCQ Question for ctet and tet

Environment Studies MCQ Question with Answer

1. Study the following pairs of nutrients and their sources

I. Iron             : Amla and green leafy vegetables

II. Vitamin C   : Banana and fish liver oil

III. Calcium     :  Meat and yeast

IV. Chlorine     : Salt and seafood

Identify the incorrect pairs

(a) I and IV

(b) II and III

(d) I and Ill

(c) II and IV

Answer: (b) II and III

2. Which one of the following are the most important modes of transportation in India?

(a) Pipeline

(b) Roadways

(c) Railways

(d) Airways

Answer: (b) Roadways

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3. Some students while performing food test on the given sample of the food item observed that the colour of that food item has changed into bluish black after putting iodine on it The given food item could be

(a) peas

(b) almonds

(c) boiled rice

(d) groundnut

Answer: (c) boiled rice

4. Which day is celebrated as World Water Day?

(a) 5th May

(b) 19th June

(c) 15th July

(d) 22nd March

Answer: (d) 22nd March

5. Which of the following describes the best way to deal with at the primary level?

(a) Picturesque book

(b) Storytelling method

(c) Teaching methods to suit disability

(d) Activity work

Answer: (c) Teaching methods to suit disability

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6. Which is considered as the most important quality of a teacher at the primary level?

(a) Eagerness to teach

(b) Patience and perseverance

(c) Competence in teaching methods

(d) Strict and discipline

Answer: (b) Patience and perseverance

7. Which of the following diseases is spread through contaminated water?

(a) Polio

(b) Asthma

(c) Cholera

(d) Tuberculosis

Answer: (c) Cholera

8. Most important causative pollutant in the soil is

(a) plastic

(b) glass junk

(c) detergent

(d) iron junk

Answer: (c) detergent

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9. Which of the following is an energy giving food?

(a) Bread

(b) Pulses

(c) Fish

(d) Green vegetables

Answer: (a) Bread

10. Roughage helps in preventing infectious diseases

(a) in providing energy to the body

(b) in growing our body

(c) in pushing food through stomach and intestine

(d) in preventing infectious diseases

Answer: (c) in pushing food through stomach and intestine


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